Y.E.S Project

The Y.E.S Project brings exciting and engaging Dance and Movement opportunities across Sussex. In our weekly sessions participants develop key skills such as leadership, creativity, and teamwork through sessions designed by young people for young people, creating a space for all to flourish.

The sessions are taught by our dynamic team of professional young choreographers and up-coming youth dance leaders.  

The Y.E.S project is committed to being as diverse, equitable and inclusive as possible in all that we do. Achieving these aims is critical to our vision of ensuring dance is accessible to all with a positive and supportive culture. 

Next Gen

The Marina Studios Foundation has received SCF funding to support four dance leaders from Crawley in advancing their skills and becoming the next generation of dance leaders (ideally aged 16+). Additionally, this funding will help five young people from Crawley earn their Level 2 Dance Leadership qualification.

Support for the four  young people includes:

– Planning and delivering four major local dance events.
– Planning and teaching dance lessons (10 hours total).
– Training on topics such as outreach/community engagement, inclusivity, and further dance development.
– Technique classes.