DanceHub Academy is a central hub to support, train and develop.​

We aim to be recognised as a central hub that nurtures, trains and upskills new, emerging and existing workforces within the dance and movement sector.

Group of young people posing for a photo in a dance studio.

Achievements so far

DanceHub Academy Timeline

At DanceHub Academy, we are committed to nurturing a diverse, inclusive, and skilled teaching and development team. Through continuous training and development, we aim to enrich the dance and movement community, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to thrive. Our core team have completed all year 1 trainings, and DanceHub Academy are now aiming to empower its teaching team with comprehensive training. Check out our 3 year strategy below:

Year 1 (2024-2025)

Objective: Equip our in-house teaching team with essential skills and knowledge to create an inclusive dance environment.

  • Delivery Adaption Training with Stopgap Dance Company
  • Inclusive Language – LGBTQ+
  • Inclusive Activity Programme – Activity Alliance
  • Delivery Adaption – Older People
  • Inclusive Activity Webinars
  • Inclusive Activity – Online
  • Mental Health Training


Year 2 (2025-2026)

Objective: Strengthen our core team with specialised training to address specific needs within our community. Subject to change depending on community needs.

  • Anti-racist Practice with Children, Families, and Communities
  • Access Advice
  • Accessible Technology Training


Year 3 (2026-2027)

Objective: Foster continuous growth and innovation through more training programs.

  • Apprenticeships & Mentoring for Young People with Disabilities
  • Develop in-house Specialist Training Program