DanceHub is a community interest company (CIC) that aims to enhance communities through Dance and Movement initiatives that will develop, deliver and champion an inclusive culture.

Founded in 2019 by Marina Studios Foundation and executive directors, Annelies White and Daran Bennett, DanceHub provides the engine (hub) for operational and outreach activity, working with and on behalf of partners from all sectors; Sport & Physical Activity, Arts & Culture, Health, Education, Commercial, Third Sector and Local Authority.

Inclusive in all we do

DanceHub are committed to being as diverse, equitable and inclusive as possible in all that we do. Achieving these aims is critical to our vision of ensuring Dance and Movement is accessible to all with a positive and supportive culture. 

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The Y.E.S Project brings exciting and engaging Dance and Movement opportunities across Sussex. In our weekly sessions participants develop key skills such as leadership, creativity, and teamwork through sessions designed by young people for young people, creating a space for all to flourish.

We also provide dance leadership and event opportunities for our young people, to find out more about these programmes please click here. 

We believe Continuing Professional Development is essential  for teams to promote the education, development and wellbeing of people and communities.

We are constantly working on developing and inspiring teams to expand their practices. 

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Our mission is to nurture a community that values diversity and recognises the transformative influence of Dance, Movement and the Arts. In line with this vision, we offer community and charity studio hire rates to support the flourishing of this ethos.

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