Championing Inclusion

In our ongoing commitment to foster an inclusive culture that embraces diversity, we’re excited to share the latest updates on our inclusion mission.

Our efforts go beyond mere compliance with legal requirements; we’re dedicated to developing, delivering, and championing initiatives that ensure everyone has access to Dance and Movement.

Here’s a closer look at our progress and the impactful steps we’ve taken, focusing on six key groups at risk of lacking access to these opportunities.

1. Empowering LGBTQ+ Communities

We’ve recently launched a crowdfunding campaign aimed at supporting LGBTQ+ communities and empowering their voices. This is designed to provide safe and inclusive spaces for LGBTQ+ individuals to express themselves through Dance and Movement. We’re thrilled about the potential impact of this project and invite you to find out more and support us here.

2. Collaborating with Partners

Our mission is strengthened through collaboration with numerous partners, including Team Domenica, Seaside Homes, Spring Tide Day Center, OPD, Audio Active, and more. These partnerships are crucial in creating diverse opportunities and expanding our reach to ensure more people can benefit.

3. Y.E.S Project – Empowering Youth

The Y.E.S Project, focused on supporting disadvantaged young people, is thriving in Crawley, Brighton and Hastings. This initiative provides these young individuals with opportunities to engage in Dance and Movement, Youth Voice sessions, leadership and helps with their physical and mental well-being whilst giving them a platform to express themselves creatively. We now have 21 active sessions.

4. Consulting with Older Adults

Understanding the needs of older adults is essential to our mission. We’ve been actively attending Ageing Well events with Brighton and Hove Council throughout the city to consult with older individuals. Our goal is to understand their unique needs and ensure they remain comfortably physically active, promoting their overall health and well-being.

5. Amplifying Voices of Global Majority

In collaboration with Millie Kerr from Brighton Council and Audio Active, we recently attended “Amplifying Voices in the City”. This initiative is focused on creating safe spaces for youth from the global majority to engage in activities, helping them feel included and empowered.

6. Discussing Wellness for Women and Girls

Our team recently participated in the Active Sussex “This Girl Can” forum, where we discussed the factors impacting the wellness of women and girls. This forum provided valuable insights into how we can better support this group through our initiatives, ensuring they have access to opportunities that promote their physical and mental health.

Overall, we’re working diligently to ensure our practices are stronger and more inclusive. By focusing on accessibility and fostering a positive and supportive culture, we aim to make a significant impact on the lives of those we serve at DanceHub.

We’re excited about our journey and look forward to continuing this important work.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to champion inclusion in all its forms. Watch this space!

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