Dancing into the New Year!

DanceHub is thrilled to extend a warm welcome back to all our supporters, participants, and partners. We’re focused on our purpose and commitment to our mission: to advance, provide, and promote education, development, and wellbeing through active participation in and opportunities through dance.

We believe in the transformative power of dance and its ability to inspire, uplift, and bring people together. All the work we do is designed to provide individuals of all ages and backgrounds the opportunity to dance!

DanceHub Academy stands at the forefront of fostering a dynamic and inclusive dance community. Through its focused initiatives in workforce training, volunteer engagement, and comprehensive programs catering to dancers, mentors, artists, teachers, creatives, students, leaders, and professionals more opportunities will be created in 2024.

Dance is not just about movement; it’s a holistic experience that contributes to personal development and wellbeing. Through our programs, we encourage self-expression, boost self-confidence, and promote a healthy lifestyle. Whether you’re looking to improve your fitness, manage stress, or simply have fun, we can support you on your journey.

The Marina Studios Foundation and DanceHub CIC are committed to being as diverse, equitable and inclusive as possible in all that we do. Achieving these aims is critical to our vision of ensuring dance is accessible to all with a positive and supportive culture.

As we embark on another year filled with dance, community, and growth, whether you’re a seasoned dancer, a curious beginner, or an organisation looking to collaborate, we welcome you to be a part of the DanceHub family. Here’s to a year of joy, growth, and the transformative power of dance!

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