Reflecting on 2023

As we bid farewell to 2023, it’s time to take a moment and reflect on the incredible journey that DanceHub has undertaken throughout the year. From new projects to collaborative performances and community engagement, the past twelve months have been nothing short of extraordinary. Thank you to everyone involved!

January: The YES Project Takes Flight

The year kicked off with a burst of energy as the new Y.E.S Project Youth Voice forum commenced. This initiative, aimed at empowering young minds through dance, saw remarkable growth throughout the year across Sussex with our inspiring Development Officer Jade taking the lead. The Y.E.S Project had 18 active sessions fully funded engaging over 500 young people in physical activity in 2023.

February: Dance, Learn, Network

February brought exciting developments marking the beginning of new partnerships and opportunities. Funk Fusion Fitness officially came onboard as a delivery partner for the Y.E.S project in Hastings. Jade, attended the Active Sussex Children and Young People Forum. These forums provide a platform for sharing insights, discussing best practices, and staying updated on the latest developments in youth engagement and empowerment.

March: Making Dance Dreams a Reality

As spring blossomed, we embraced opportunities to learn and connect. Dance Leadership courses were delivered and our team actively participated in events like Let’s Dance Brighton. We stepped into the spotlight, spearheading the operations of two exciting dance events in Crawley: Forward Motion and Let’s Dance. Next year marks 25 years of Forward Motion! Join us here.

April: Youth Empowerment

We employed the wonderful Lauren as our second Coach Core apprentice. This marks a significant milestone in our commitment to nurturing emerging talent and fostering the next generation. Lauren, with her passion for dance and dedication to continuous learning is a perfect fit to our ever-growing team. One of our Dance Leader students Tillie was welcomed as a teaching assistant to the Y.E.S Project which cemented the young people’s pathway.

May: Opportunities

Another one of our brilliant Dance Leader students Evi, was welcomed as a teaching assistant to the Y.E.S Project. Jade, had the privilege of attending a Creative Playground Panel meeting in Crawley.


June: Looking Ahead

As the midpoint of the year arrived, we turned our attention to future projects. Applications opened for Forward Motion 2024 and Let’s Dance Crawley 2024, signalling a commitment to sustained growth and impact. We supported The Marina Studios Foundation in the operation and announcement of “Spotlight Styles” at Marina Studios. Spearheaded by the incredible Rhiannon, this initiative opens the doors to new and unexplored dance styles encouraging diversity within the studio’s walls.

July: Broadening Horizons

Engagements with Stopgap Dance Company and the Play Their Way campaign demonstrated our commitment to inclusivity, while meetings with ACE and Crawley Youth Voice reminded all about the importance of the power of dance for communities.

August: Celebrating Diversity

Brighton Pride became a platform for DanceHub & sub projects to celebrate diversity, with hundreds of dancers actively participating. Our excellent Project Manager, India held the first Marina Studios inclusion focus group to gather valuable tools for our research and strategy moving forward.

September: Building Partnerships

DanceHub expanded its reach in September, creating links with Eastbourne through the EFAS, Accelerate Sport through LGBTQ+ Workforce training, Stopgap Dance Company for delivery adaption training and engaging with the Marina Studios Discovery Day to strengthen partnerships within the community.

October: Recognition and Sustainability

The latter part of the year brought recognition at the Urban City Red Carpet Awards and a pop-up performance in town to kickstart the sustaining legacy of Y.E.S in Crawley. The Marina Studios Foundation with our support successfully raised £10,000, including match funding from Sport England, to support their Inclusion Mission. More information here.

November and December: Thank you

As the year draws to a close, we continue to inspire, empower and engage through the power of dance for operational and outreach activity. We want to take a moment to express our deepest gratitude to each and every individual who has been a part of the DanceHub community in the past year, To our amazing dancers, instructors and mentors, partners and collaborators, supporters and audience and the behind-the-scenes team…

As we step into a New Year, we look forward to continuing this journey.

The DanceHub Team

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